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Chewbacca Cardigan


Space Fight Bikini

Skywalker Jacket

Star Wars
98 18 100 0
Men's Sizes
XS 34-36 87-92 27.5-30 70-77 19-21.5 49-55.5
S 36.5-38.5 93-98 30.5-33 78-85 21-23 54-59.5
M 38.5-40.5 99-104 33.5-37 86-94 22.5-25 58-64
L 41-43 105-110 37-39 94-100 24.5-26.5 62.5-67.5
XL 43.5-45.5 111-116 39.5-42.5 101-108 25.5-27 65.5-69.5
XXL 46-48 117-122 42.5-45 109-115 25.5-27 65.5-69.5
3XL 48-50 123-128 45.5-48 116-122 25.5-27 65.5-69.5

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Iconic replica of Luke Skywalker's jacket from 'The Empire Strikes Back'.


Inspired by the classic costume Luke wore in The Empire Strikes Back, the Force is strong in this contemporary short cotton jacket. The Skywalker jacket features a stand up collar, two patched chest pockets, an inside zip pocket, sleeve cuffs with zippers and a lush rebel orange lining with placed print. Each Star Wars jacket has a unique serialised number, which makes every piece a must have for collectors and fashionistas alike throughout the Galactic Empire.

Additional Information

  • Original replica of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's jacket from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Short mens jacket perfect for Fall and Spring seasons as well as light Winter temperatures.
  • Luxurious orange satin lining with rebel alliance logo print and interchangeable rebellion silicon badges on snaps.
  • All Musterbrand Star Wars jackets are perfect choices for all occasions due to the subtle yet iconic details each one imbues. Whether you dress up, like to go casual, or want to wear it as part of a costume or cosplay, these jackets are a perfect fit.
  • Musterbrand is more than just merchandise. Highest quality – latest fashion – no compromise
  1. Epic review by Luke Bryant on 1/23/2018

    Let me just say this jacket is a must have, if your a die hard starwars fan and don’t fear steep prices, this is for you, if you enjoy quality this is for you. I have no complaints for this jacket. I can safely say as my first buy from musterbrands jacket lineup I’m impressed and a customer for life, for as long as this business sticks around. This was my second buy the first being the rebel scarf and I’m happy with that purchase too. All I can say is if you don’t have this jacket GET IT WHILE ITS AROUND ASAP!!!! It comes with extra buttons Incase the ones on the jacket fall off for what ever reason, it even comes with rubber patches inspired by the movie that you can change at will on the left shoulder.there is a metal ticket inside on the left breast pocket indicating what limited number it is in the lineup from muster brands collection. On the bottom right inside is a picture of a xwing with descriptions pointing to parts of the xwing and in the inside in the middle is a rebel logo. If I had more money is by four more this jacket is simply put...Epic!

  2. Blown Away! review by Dietmar on 12/26/2017

    This jacket made my Christmas! What I expected and more! It's really cozy to wear outside on the winter, and it looks fantastic. The detail of the jacket and the added bits on the inside make for a great jacket that star wars fans will love. I love the inside pocket, and my only complaint is that there's only one inside pocket. The patches are amazing, and a medium fit me very well. Thanks Musterbrand!

  3. So awesome review by Thomas on 12/15/2017

    Star Wars fashion has that worn in utilitarian look, and this jacket seems to get better the more you wear it. The only downside is the light color, I worry it might get stained, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

  4. Love the coat and customer service review by DisneyJedi on 11/29/2017

    At Star Wars Celebration 2017 I was able for the first time to actually feel and try on one of these coats, and it was great. They truly put craftsmanship into their products. It's a awesome casual coat to wear, most won't even know it's a Star Wars themed coat, but the true fans, they are the first to point out how great it looks. But not only does this company make a great product, they exceed in their customer service as well, as mentioned I tried on the coat in April 2017 at Star Wars celebration, but I was unable to get it then due to funds, finally able to afford this coat and unfortunately to my dismay they no longer had my size and weren't going to be making any more. So needless to say I was disappointed and even more so for not doing better at getting it back in April, well a week goes by and I get an email response from my inquiry regarding the coat, and I was told to search at a couple of their re-sellers, and no luck on my part there. So I thanked them for their help and figured, it was my bad timing and not much I could do now. Well a couple of weeks go by and I get another email from the office in Germany and they had found one more Skywalker Jacket in my size, so they sent me an invoice, paid that and now I have this incredible jacket and received this incredible customer service that I will talk about anytime someone mentions the jacket. I look forward to what new and great products you put out next .

  5. Okey Dokey review by BlueWolf on 4/17/2017

    This Luke jacket is he bees knees!

  6. Far better than expected review by Peter James Coleman on 10/12/2016

    Usually when one sees film associations with clothing brands it's easy to be sceptical that said brand is placing a few images onto a standard clothing item to make money.

    Musterbrand have really put in the effort here to produce a jacket that feels military grade issue but with all the Star Wars trimmings. The quality is built to last and the design is absolute first class.

    Luke's Bespin outfit is one of my personal favourites from ESB and to now have this to wear as a casual piece is cool as xxxx!

    Jacket is trues to size and fits amazingly well - I've been wearing it layered with a polo shirt and cardigan and it just works with most casual wear. I'll certainly keep an eye out for further products from Musterbrand! Big ups guys and well done to your design team!

  7. Great review by Isabelle Lai on 8/18/2016

    As a 5'5" girl, the XS fit perfectly on me (shoulder, length,...). The coat is quite warm. I'm convinced it'll keep me warm on winter days in Canada (maybe not when it's -30 but that's another story).

  8. Nice review by Kristy on 7/22/2016

    Just wanted to chime in about sizing.. I ordered this for my husband who is 6'3 and 190 lbs in a size L, but we needed to return it for an XL. The body of the jacket in L fit great but the shoulders were narrow- about 2 inches narrower than every other jacket size L jacket my husband has. The sleeves were long enough but just barely. He was impressed with the detail on the pockets, and it's a nice heavy jacket.

  9. The Force is strong with this one review by Aleksi on 4/12/2016

    Been wearing this for about a month now and I have been absolutely blown away by it. Easily one of the best jackets I have owned, being both good looking and comfortable.
    Combining this with the Rebel scarf makes for an absolute killer combo as well, as they fit very nicely together.

  10. Awesome Jacket that you can wear anytime review by Carlos on 2/25/2016

    I got this jacket recently and I really really like it. It is perfect for the weather right not in the US east coast.

    I am 1.75 m and 180 pounds and I ordered the Medium which fits perfectly.

    One thing you will notice is that the jacket is very lightweight but warm, which is perfect for the season.

    Also, if you have a girlfriend (or wife) you will also appreciate that the jacket is perfect to wear anywhere, it doesn't look like a costume.

    The fabric inside (orange) actually looks really good, I wasn't so sure about it at first but when you see it in person is great.

    It also has a really nice X-wing detail and comes with two patches that you can put on the arm (or not put if you want). I switch them every week.

    This is my second musterbrand jacket and one thing I have noticed is that the quality is amazing. I have read reviews from some gaming clothing websites where the items fall apart fast, but I haven't had that trouble with musterbrand (which explains the price). These are really good quality items and I will be buying again!

  11. Would recommend! review by Dan Melin on 2/4/2016

    For those considering buying this, stop considering. Just buy it!
    Very very happy with this. Not only was it processed and recieved very quickly; the manufacturing of this is incrediably high quality.
    The lining is very thick and padded, therefore warm. Not only that but the outer material is soft and nice on the touch. Looks good. Feels good. Spot on. Well worth the money!
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  12. A+ review by Matt G on 1/23/2016

    Wow! Just got this jacket from my wife. I was looking at it months ago and was worried about the quality. Holy cow... am I impressed. It fits great. Great quality. And the details... down to the X-wing schematic patch on the inside of the jacket as well as the rebel logo on the inside as well. It also seems like a very warm, functional jacket as well. Fantastic!

  13. Love it! review by Wa'el Alanizi on 1/17/2016

    When I placed my order I wasn't 100% sure what to expect. Being my first Musterbrand item (definitely not my last though), a million concerns flooded my head: What if it's too small/big? what if it feels too costume-y and not very suitable for everyday wear? Alas my fears soon died down. The delivery was very swift and I recieved my jacket in no time. Upon opening the package, I was like, "Oh God! This jacket looks way too big!" However I stuck with it and tried it on. It fit perfectly. I'm 6ft tall and 183lb and this jacket felt like it was tailor-made for me. I was even more impressed to discover that it was very wearable in everyday life too. It could easily pass off as an army-style BDU jacket, albeit a very stylish one. The first day I wore it I got complimented by 3 different people, one of which even noticed it was the Luke Bespin jacket. Win! It's also incredibly functional too, with two breast pockets, a right arm pocket and an inside zip-up pocket. The hand warmer outside pockets blend in with the rest of the jacket so that from the outside they just look like the seams you'd normally see on a slim fitted jacket. Unlike other jackets of this kind the hand warmer pockets don't flare out to the side at all, which is a great plus. What really takes the jacket to another level for me are the two rubber badges you can 'snap on' to the upper left arm. You have a choice between a grey Rebel Alliance insignia and an orange X-Wing design, and there's plenty of space to put the other badge into one of the jacket pockets if you'd like to swap them out anytime. My only criticism would be the length of the jacket. It looks fine generally but as far as a movie accurate Bespin jacket goes the one worn by Luke in the film is a little shorter and more tapered at the waist. Although I'd assume this was a deliberate design choice on musterbrands' part as too short a waist would end up venturing into 'costume territory.' At most I think the waist should be about 2 inches shorter. However even with this minor drawback, its an absolutely superb jacket, made of great quality material that can keep you warm in the cooler months and perhaps layered over a t-shirt in warmer weather. I've had it for just over a week now and it just looks better and better each time I wear it; It begins to take on a 'worn' look that really gives the jacket a more rugged edge. If you know me, you know that I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. Whether you're off for a lightsaber duel with Vader or just dossing around downtown, this jacket is out of this galaxy!

  14. The force is strong in this jacket review by Vincent on 1/12/2016

    Like every product I bought at Musterbrand, this jacket is high-quality and well made. It fits comfortable, is warmer than you might think and especially looks awesome. The pockets (in- and outside) are useful and discreet, so you can put anything you need for a short trip to Bespin into them. ;)
    Thanks again Musterbrand! May the force be with you...

  15. Extremely impressive jacket :-) review by Alex Frampton on 12/23/2015

    I rarely write reviews, but feel I have to for this jacket.
    I have to admit, I was hesitate to buy this jacket. It looks good online, but what if it was an over priced costume jacket, or, because I'm a bit big, 6ft, 19 stone (266lbs) and 44 inch waist, what if the XXL was too small. So many clothes come up smaller than the size charts.
    I need not have worried.
    My order was processed and posted within hours. Posted on 16th Dec, arrived on 21St Dec. Great service.
    The first thing I noticed about the jacket is the quality. This isn't some over priced costume, this is an extremely well made jacket, using good quality materials.
    Then I tried it on. WOW!
    Not only does it fit very well, but it's really comfortable too. I love the two patches for the left arm and the fact you can leave them off. The X-Wings plans on the lining is a cool touch as well as the serial number. I received No. 1976. Wish I had got the next one. (1977 was the year the first Star Wars film was released).
    Any criticism? Not really. There's an inside pocket on the left. Another on the right would've been nice, but that's nothing serious.
    As Darth Fettster said, it doesn't scream cosplay and is easily wearable in the streets without getting strange looks.
    If you're considering this jacket, go for it. You won't be disappointed :-)

  16. Out of This Gallaxy review by Andy Sparrow on 12/21/2015

    I have been buying Musterbrand clothing for a few years now and the quality and design has always been first class.... But the Star Wars range is another level, They have knocked it out of the park with this outstanding jacket. That wins on every level from detail through to quality and on to imagination.... This looks like its right off the set of Empire Strikes Back, Well done Musterbrand

  17. Excellent jacket review by Darth Fettster on 12/15/2015

    Great quality and construction, and the sizing is true per the size chart. In person, the fabric has a bit of a worn look to it which looks appropriate considering it's modeled after Luke's Bespin fatigues. Comes with comfortable and warm lining, and useful pockets in addition to the obvious chest and shoulder pockets. I'm 5'11 and 190 lbs with athletic build and the size M fits me fine. The jacket is a little snug around the traps and the cuffs are on the narrow side, but otherwise the fit and length are fine. What I also like is that this jacket doesn't scream cosplay and is easily wearable in the streets without getting strange looks. Great purchase to wear for the upcoming film release.

  18. Well done! review by Chris Sunryder on 12/6/2015

    I have had my Skywalker jacket for 4 days now and I love it! The first day I wore it, two people complimented me on it. While hesitant at first buying clothing sight-unseen online, I was a bit wary. Even when I took it out of the box, my first reaction was, "This thing is HUGE!" But looks are deceiving! I put it on and I swear it feels like the jacket was fitted for me. As an example, I am 6'1", weigh about 185lbs and have a 34" waist. I ordered a Large. This jacket fits me almost perfectly! A few things I noticed that Musterbrand does not mention is the very cool blueprint of an Incom T-65 X-Wing sewn into the orange liner on the inside of the jacket and the hand warmer pockets that are on the outside. They are designed to be flush with the actual visible seam so they are basically invisible. I discovered them by accident! The blue print is a very nice touch and I see that I have jacket numbered 638 so there are less than a thousand of these out there at the time of this writing. So it feels like you are part of a semi-elite club. Also, being that I also own the "Official Skywalker Bespin Jacket" from the Lucasfilm fanclub that I got over 15 years ago I can't help but compare. This product is far superior. Another nice touch is that the pocket tabs that slide thru the loops have SNAPS sewn into them to prevent accidental openings. That idea is brilliant! My only complaint is the placement of the zippers on the sleeve cuffs. I love the idea of them and they look very cool, but with the way the coat wears, they tend to rub on your hands which after a while can get irritating. The only other thing I have noticed is that the Rebel Insignia rubber patch that snaps onto the sleeve has one button that tends to unsnap itself from time to time so I hope I don't lose it as that is a great feature of the jacket. If so, I hope Musterbrand can sell those individually as replacements for a lost one.
    Other than those two minor details, I have incredibly happy with this jacket. While I do wish the jacket was maybe about 3" shorter all around the waist, I love the look and feel of it. It is warmer than it looks and incredibly comfortable! So I thoroughly recommend it! You will not be disappointed! So Kudos and Huzzah to Musterbrand for this product! Now if you make one inspired by Han's jacket from Empire, I'll be ecstatic! Ha ha! Anyway, so to end this long-ish review, get the jacket. If you have been hesitant, don't worry. You will not regret it. I fully intend to post pics of it on the Musterbrand FB page, so be on the look out for them!

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  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • machine wash 30C gentle/ do not bleach/ do not tumble dry/ cool iron/ do not iron prints/ dry clean extra gentle