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Nephalem Hooded Coat


Regular Price: $189.99

Special Price $33.00

90 31 100 0
Men's Sizes
XS 34-36 87-92 27.5-30 70-77 19-21.5 49-55.5
S 36.5-38.5 93-98 30.5-33 78-85 21-23 54-59.5
M 38.5-40.5 99-104 33.5-37 86-94 22.5-25 58-64
L 41-43 105-110 37-39 94-100 24.5-26.5 62.5-67.5
XL 43.5-45.5 111-116 39.5-42.5 101-108 25.5-27 65.5-69.5
XXL 46-48 117-122 42.5-45 109-115 25.5-27 65.5-69.5
3XL 48-50 123-128 45.5-48 116-122 25.5-27 65.5-69.5

How to measure

To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:

Out of stock

Light version of the popular Wanderer coat.


The Nephalem is a lightweight version of the popular Wanderer coat designed for the Spring and Autumn season. The coat features a new fresh colour and redesigned eye-catching fireman buckles. The mysterious appeal of the original Wanderer has been passed on to the Nephalem by keeping the same fashion and adding similar applications. Thanks to the inner lining the Nephalem is coming with inner pockets now and in addition to the huge pockets on the outer shell the coat offers a lot of storage capacity. The fabric is exceptionally tough and water resistent, due to a special coating.

Additional Information

  • Water-repellent herringbone outer-shell structure
  • Pleasant to the touch due to soft wool-like fabric
  • Horadric brass brooch attached to hangtag
  • Subtle Diablo 3 logo embroidery on the chest
  • Musterbrand is more than just merchandise. Highest quality – latest fashion – no compromise
  1. Love it, but do yourself a favor and oder a size larger. review by KENNETH on 11/14/2017

    I just got my coat in and I absolutely love it. Of course more pockets on the inside would make it even better, but who cares. The only thing is it will be a tight in the shoulders. I will be ordering the wool version of this jacket soon, but I'll be sure to order the next size up,

  2. Love this coat review by John Roberts on 11/23/2016

    I love this coat, I generally don't spend much on clothes, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy but i had been eyeing this jacket for some time before I pulled the trigger on it. I love the fact it's long enough to keep the wind out. it could do with a few more inside pockets but that is hardly a deal breaker. I wish I had one normal version and one heavy wool version for winter. I'll be checking back frequently and hopefully for Mustardbrand to make some similar cold weather gear!

  3. Good quality, order one size larger, nothing for muscular people review by The Inquisitor on 10/5/2016

    I always wear size M, this was too small in M and I changed it for one in size L. Still, the material is quite stiff and with a rather slim cut around the shoulder this is nothing you can do any big movements in and if you are a bodybuilder, this is not for you. Do not expect to be able to fight monsters in this coat.
    For normal wear, it is good, though. Looks great and has just the right touch of adventure so you can still wear it every day.

  4. Perfect coat review by Giovanni on 3/29/2016

    This is a very good coat, great material (indeed water resistant) and very comfortable.
    I'm 6'1'' about 176lbs and I always wear L clothes. But by reading others costumers reviews about shoulder lenght I decided to buy the XL size, which was the right decision, the coat fitted perfectly.

  5. Be aware that this coat is very wide and essentially hangs straight down from the arms, there is no waist review by Anders Fougstedt on 2/13/2016

    I am moderatley tall and thin and got a size M since that matched the sizing chart on this product page best for my measurements. The images here on the product page make it look to my eyes like the coat has a regular fit and a slight waist, but that turned out to be misleading.

    While the coat fit my average width shoulders well, it hung straight down from them and the arms and angled outwards a little to the back. There was no tapering waist nor any belt, so it looked kind of like I was wearing a green cone with arms :)

    There was also a manufacturing issue on the coat I got: the inner pocket was sewn wrong so it was only around half a finger deep (5-6cm). I contacted their support and while they were *extremely* slow to reply, they were polite and helpful and offered me either an exchange for another coat with an option to switch size, or my money back. I chose to get my money back. They paid for the return shipping and the refund worked well.

    A general tip I also learned here: the "Size chart" on musterbrand's product pages has measurements for your own body, *not* for the product, as I thought. In the chart M size has a chest of 99-104cm and waist of 86-94 so I figured the images were correct in it having a waist. But when I laid it flat and measured it this M-size coat was around 113-114cm wide in both chest and waist.

  6. Nice, but small size review by Jerome HAASZ on 2/2/2016

    About the product, there is nothing to see, it's a good product, with great quality.

    However, the size is strange, I'm 200cm for 110 kilos, and even with the XXL size, I'm tight for the shoulder, and I have almost 20cm of skin exposed when I stretch my arms, sadly, I have to return this vest, that's why I put only 3 stars

  7. Great look, weird sizing review by Phil Sothoth on 12/22/2015

    The coat looks great, but the cut/sizing is kinda weird. I usually wear my clothes in M, sometimes L, so I ordered this coat in M.
    The shoulder area is really tight, feeling very uncomfortable when you raise your arms. The lower part of the coat is very wide, too wide for "normal" built people like me, seems like the coat is made for someone with a bigger belly and hips than mine....
    In addition the coat seems not very breathable, so prepare to sweat on humid days.
    But in the end the coat looks great, it just doesn't suits on me.

  8. Very Nice review by Eredin Bréacc Glas on 12/19/2015

    This coat is not very thick for really cold weather but with a sweater underneath would be perfect for any weather it seems. I am about 6feet tall and about 185pounds. I bought the XXL and the shoulders feel just a little to tight. But even with that the coat is great. Just wish you guys made coats that are a bit longer. Overall i am very satisfied with it.

  9. Instant repeat customer review by Joseph on 12/11/2015

    Bought the coat for a trip home this winter, I love it. Fits great, looks great. Pretty warm for the thickness of the material. Feels like a solid coat that'll stand the test of time. I'll be ordering the Wanderer as soon as my next paycheck comes in. Hopefully we'll see some more awesome Diablo type themes.

  10. Great, but lightweight. review by Kevin on 12/8/2015

    Loved it, but had to return it because I don't think it would have stood up well to a Scottish winter. I knew it was lighter than the Wanderer jacket, but I didn't quite realise it was going to be this thin.
    Other than that though, it was great. The material was fantastic and it looked nice.
    I've seen a few people say to order big, and I did but definitely didn't need it. I am usually a medium and got a large to be safe since I was planning on wearing thick jumpers under it, but definitely didn't need it.

  11. Strange 'fit', good quality review by Erik on 12/7/2015

    The coat looks great, beautiful color and fabric. Details are very nice, BUT...
    The fit is really awkward. Way to tight round the shoulders, and as soon as you lift your arms slightly, the whole coat comes up.
    It is oddly shaped as well; there is absolutely no 'waist' in the coat. It
    just hangs down and is too large/wide below the chest especially from the waist down which gives it a wrong look, unlike the pictures on the site. As if it was made for corpulent/fat people. No disrespect by the way.

  12. Awesome Jacket review by Henry on 12/1/2015

    I haven't had a chance to test it in the cold yet, but the detail on the jacket is awesome and it's comfortable as heck.

    Though I tend to have odd sizing, I'm 5'10" 200lbs, XL seems too big; I went with everyones recommendation stating the sizing was off, measurements put me at wearing a large, went against my better judgement and ordered a XL due to comments. Going to contact soon to exchange for a large.

  13. Great autumn coat review by Ralph Kissling on 11/29/2015

    I received this coat in the mid of November, so the weather started to become pretty cold. The temperature was around 9-11° Celsius and with a pullover underneath it kept me pretty warm. Now with temperatures around 0° the coat alone is not keeping up. I had to switch to some real winter clothes but this is something I suspected and I gladly look forward to late winter/spring to put it on again.
    The coat did a perfect job at keeping off wind, but a terrible at being rainproof. One day when it was raining, the coat was soaked up with water and it took around 12 hours to dry off completly. After this experience I grabbed a texture sealing spray I had laying around for my motorcycle clothes and since then no issues anymore. So this is a little downside. Other than that, the coat looks amazing, the buildquality is outstanding and the size is almost perfect. I'm 6"4 and around 210 pounds and the coat fits very well. The only restriction I feel is around my shoulders when I expand them, but nothing that bad.
    All in all a great coat!

  14. Good item review by Thomas Hillion on 11/26/2015

    The coat is more of a greenish shade than the picture make it look but it's quite ok.
    The fit is a bit wide in the chest and belly area but the rest is fine.
    The material is quite thin so I'll have to see how it ages.

    Pretty satisfied though :)

  15. Decent Coat review by Jeff Tong on 11/25/2015

    The color is more of an olive green and I was expecting a bit lighter brown. The fit was a little off and the material was thinner than expected which was ok. The button/clips were a nice touch. Hood was also a bit smaller than I would have liked.

  16. 10 from 10 review by Stefan Lopusny on 11/18/2015

    I tested the coat right after it arrived and it is amazing.
    Not much to say. Details are done really good.
    I have been in Belgium recently for week under rain in 7 degrees and the coat was keeping the resistance whole time. It took bit long to dry out afterward but that was issue of humidity most likely.
    Anyhow, very good quality, accurate looks on ref pictures and also not just fashion but it is actually functional.

  17. perfect weight, great design review by Damon on 11/7/2015

    I live down near New Orleans, Louisiana, and the heavy humidity and climate would have made the Dark Wanderer coat just too heavy. This coat is perfect. Exceptional fit, love the design (you have no idea how long I have looked for a good top coat that had a nice hood). Can't wait for the cooler months to kick in and wear it more often. I had eyed the Wanderer for a while, but this coat exceeds all my expectations.
    I'm about 5'6" and 225 lbs, and the XL fits me perfectly. Ample room for extra layers if I needed it, and somehow the arms were a perfect length.

  18. Great jacket review by Georgios Kyparissous on 11/7/2015

    This is a great jacket. Excellent materials and construction.

    My only two criticisms are that the lining doesn't feel as breathable as i would like it (making humid days feel worse) and the exterior pockets don't have a flap or some way of closing so you are prone to loose lose items and maybe get some of your items stolen.

    I could see the later in the images on the site but it becomes an issue on your day to day.

    Other than that, this is one of the best jackets i have ever bought.

  19. its alright review by keenan mosdell on 11/3/2015

    I just recieved a larger size today after i sent the smaller one back. The material is still aswesome. But the sizing for this jacket kinda sucks. Generally i fit a large but i had to order a XXL just to fit my chest and shoulders (im 6'3" and 200lbs). Its almost as if the armpit for this jacket is stitched a lower compared to most jackets, so it makes it a lot tighter in the shoulder area. All in all its a nice jacket but really make sure you know your size.

  20. Great in every way review by Koen on 10/31/2015

    Love it, its really warm and fits lovely, a bit tight around the shoulders though.

  21. Just epic! review by Heuschen Mehdi on 10/26/2015

    The coat is just awesome! The lining for the inside pocket is well thought out. I love the style "ranger". This will be my coat for MIA!

  22. great review by keenan mosdell on 10/19/2015

    This is an awesome coat. The quality of materials is top notch. Im around 6'3 and 200lbs and I went with an XL. It fit great but it didnt have enough room in the shoulders. So you should order a size larger than your regular size. I sent it back for a 2XL and am currently waiting for it. Get one while you can you wont regret it.

  23. AMAZING review by Gabriel Perez on 10/16/2015

    This coat is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone I know is jealous of me. Which makes it even better. I love the fabric, and it is pretty warm. I was a little worried when I picked up the box, it felt incredibly light. However not disappointing at all. Thank you very much for such an amazing product.

  24. Excellent coat review by Aryn on 10/9/2015

    Very well made and sturdy. It has a nice interior pocket that works great to store a phone in.

  25. Exactly what I wanted review by Max on 10/8/2015

    The design is really well done, simple but also kind of elegant. The material feels very robust and although it is very light it keeps pretty warm.

  26. Excellent craftsmanship- awesome looks review by Tomislav Bonjakovic on 10/6/2015

    An absolute winner, this one! Perfect design, awesome detailing- nothing less than i'd expect from Musterbrand since i've already purchased the Arno coat and the Kingdom knitwear v12 hoodie- it all seems a bit too perfectly manufactured to be true ;) thumbs waaaaay up guys, keep it up! 👍🏼👍🏼

  27. Perfect review by Noel on 10/5/2015

    My opinion on this jacket would have to be that it is well made and comfortable and it was well worth the rate Diablo is a great game and this is a great jacket I'll be here to buy something real soon

  28. Very good review by James on 10/5/2015

    Couldn't be more satisfied than I am with this jacket. It's really warm, well made, and the olive color goes well with a lot of different clothes. 5/5 would purchase again

  29. Is great. review by Christopher Chafy on 10/4/2015

    Is warm.

  30. Fantastic coat review by Caymon on 10/4/2015

    This is a great coat, the material is high quality and it's quite warm. I live in Anchorage, AK and this coat and a short sleeved shirt has kept me toasty below freezing temps.
    Yet to get to test it's water resistance.
    I'm 6'2", around 200 pounds and I went with an XL. At that size the coat fits perfect. So I'd recommend going a little bit larger than your normal size.
    Also the horadric broach it comes with is a great touch.

  31. Loved it review by Jon Calvet on 10/4/2015

    This is a great light jacket well made.

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash 30° with similar colours/ do not bleach /do not tumble dry/ cool iron/ dry cleaning possible